Make it Noteworthy

Noteworthy helps you capture and share memories by linking them to music.

Memories are the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves. They become the basis for the way we relate to each other, and ultimately, shape the world. Now that smartphones have given users a startlingly efficient documentation tool, we have no shortage of digital artifacts of our personal stories. But how do we make meaning out of this digital detritus?

When songs are remembered, they’re encoded with a whole variety of contextual details, and like we’ve seen, being re-exposed to the song can bring those rich details flooding back. Using songs as memory triggers gives us access to a whole range of senses and experiences we didn’t remember that we remembered at the time. In short, music prompts stories.

For those looking to create meaningful records of their life, Noteworthy is a platform that uses music as the means to document their personal stories as well as begin sincere conversations with friends and family.